"an amazing piece of literature- it’s clever, it’s funny, it’s educational"
Craig Smith, author of ‘The Wonky Donkey’
"witty, cleverly rhythmic text and the illustrations capture the character of each animal beautifully"
Janice Marriott, children’s author
"It's a great literary adventure and inspires appreciation for animals while galvanising the next generation to action. We are looking forward to having copies to cherish and gift!"
Sonya Bates, Mum
"Treasure Beyond Measure is full of fun facts and clever witty content all wrapped up in an important message for children and adults alike"
Shona Smith, Mum
"I want to always read it - every day, month and year!!"
Melakai, aged 8 years
"I LOVED it"
Grace, aged 8 years
"It is a very good book and my favourite part is that you learn about different animals. It would be cool for little kids to listen to and big kids to read."
Oskar, aged 10 years
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