Rumpus Books has undergone a remarkable transformation from a beloved local indoor play business, Rumpus Room, to a prominent publisher specialising in delivering high-quality stories for children. This evolution showcases their dedication to fostering creativity and imagination in young minds.

Founded in 2019 by Helen Griffiths, Rumpus Books stands out as a bold and determined player in the independent publishing industry. Helen's decision not to hand over the lion's share of her creative output to traditional publishing companies reflects the desire to maintain control over artistic vision. An entrepreneurial spirit combined with the need to produce books that don't scream "self-published" from the shelf, drove her to produce 'Treasure Beyond Measure' - Rumpus Books' debut publication which quickly became a Unity Books bestseller receiving acclaim from royalty, politicians, and even Sir David Attenborough himself. The anticipation surrounding Rumpus Books' next publication, 'Ross the Cat,' is palpable. Set to hit the shelves in October 2023, this book is already generating considerable excitement.

Rumpus Books' dedication to independence provides a platform for other authors who share a similar passion for retaining creative control over their work. This commitment to nurturing and supporting like-minded artists fosters a sense of community and camaraderie within the independent publishing space.

Overall, Rumpus Books appears to be a promising and dynamic publisher, with 'Treasure Beyond Measure' already proving storytelling prowess and captivating a diverse range of readers. As we continue to grow and introduce new titles like 'Ross the Cat,' Rumpus Books is undoubtedly set to make a positive impact in the world of children's literature. For those who want to stay up-to-date with delightful and imaginative stories for young readers, keep an eye on Rumpus Books!

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